Yes!!! Why Not??!

Ohhh Emmm Geee, has it really been 2 months since I last wrote a blog post???! It seems hard to believe, but yeah it has been 2 months and 2 days since I sat down to share with you the adventurous, sometimes mundane, details of my existence. Life has been good, very, very good. My New Year resolution to make this my year of yes Three Weeks and A Day has led to one of the best Summers I have had in a while.
I have said yes to every invitation to hang out, even if I didn’t feel like it, I made myself do all kinds of stuff I wasn’t in the mood for, like hitting the gym, 5 to 6 days a week, even if it was pouring rain outside; and when my son came to me, out of the blue, with what I initially thought of as a ludicrous idea of wanting to pursue a modeling career, instead of my knee-jerk reaction of, “That’s crazy, go focus on your academics instead.” I, instead, said, “Sure, why not?” and immediately started the groundwork needed to get him started in the industry.

All that yes-ing has been taking away from the time needed to do other things, like my writing, with only 24 hours in the day, obviously, something will fall through the cracks. The important thing is that I didn’t abandon my blog, even though it as taken me 2 months to sit down and write again. The good thing is that the yes-ing has created new stories for me to share and that, in my opinion, is always a plus.

My fifteen-year-old, I have written about him several times, MILF, recently decided that he wants to put his 6’3 height to use and model. I was a bit taken aback since he has never ever expressed any desire to do anything like that before. First, I asked, “Why?” and he said,”It’s something I just want to try.” He maintains that if he is successful then he can make some money to help fund his college education. Of course, he had me at “college education.” So, I did a little bit of internet research and spoke to a few people, then hired my wedding photographer turned friend, Carmen, to do a photoshoot of my son and the results were fantastic. Turns out my boy does have some model appeal. He was a natural in front of the camera and even Carmen, who has been photographing people professionally all her adult life, was amazed at the ease in which Blake worked and his level of comfort and confidence in front of the camera.

Not sure where this desire of his will go, or if it will even go anywhere but I am doing my part as his mother and encouraging this pursuit. If it works, then fantastic, if nothing comes of it then I hope his disappointment, if any, will be short-lived. I am just happy that he decided on his own, without any input from me, to chase a dream.

The Summer of yes has also brought with it a myriad of social activities – too much hanging out, eating and drinking, has me gaining back 4 of the total 27 pounds I had lost before the Summer rolled around. Notwithstanding my gallant efforts to lose those nagging 4 pounds and to continue my weight loss journey towards my goal weight, which is now 12 pounds away, I just can’t seem to say no to the dinner and drinks invitations. I am trying though and I have not given up on the hope that I will get to my goal weight before the year ends.

I love live music and performances so I have made it a Summer of concerts and shows. Usually, I am a bit hesitant to shell out my hard-earned money on some of these overpriced concert tickets but this Summer I treated myself to a few artists I have always wanted to see perform live. I had the pleasure of seeing JLo do her thing, Aziz Ansari (a comedian), Billy Idol and Bryan Adams, who were on the same ticket, and most recently Lenny Kravitz, who I swooned over the entire time.

At the beginning of the JLo concert, right in the middle of Jennifer’s third or fourth song, the lights in Madison Square Garden went out. When her microphone suddenly went dead and the lights went off, I thought, “Dear God, I hope this isn’t a terrorist attack.” However, before my mind had time to go to town with that idea, the back-up generators at MSG kicked on and we were informed that we had to evacuate the arena. By then, my girlfriend, who was seated next to me, got a text from her husband informing her that the entire West Side of Manhattan was experiencing a power outage. Even though I was disappointed that the concert had to end abruptly I was relieved that it was only a blackout.

I was among the 25,000 attendees, who had to be evacuated from Madison Square Garden when the lights went out at the beginning of the JLo concert on July 13th, but I was only one of a few, who was interviewed by the local news about their blackout experience. ๐Ÿ˜

I am yet to see the clip of my 10-second interview but a few people reached out to me and told me they saw it. My immediate question to each person was, “Did I make a complete fool of myself?” After all, I did have a couple of drinks earlier that night, but the general consensus was that I sounded “intelligent” and most importantly I looked “great”. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Moments before the lights went out at the JLo Concert – July 13, 2019 – #nycblackout2019

My Summer of yes has also brought with it some physical changes – not major changes but subtle changes – like when my hairstylist of the past 7 years suggested I try a different look this Summer. I hesitated at first but then reminded myself that change is good and told her to go for it.

When she first spun me around in her chair, after creating my new hairstyle, I liked the look but all the confidence I had leaving the salon was sucked out of me when I walked through my front door and my husband took one look at me and exclaimed, “Oh no…What did you do?”

“Trying a different look. Do you like it?”

“Not really!” was the honest reply.

So funny how the opinions of others, that we value, can have us doubting ourselves. I kept my “new do” for only 2 weeks, even though I had planned to rock it for the remainder of the Summer. Truth is, my husband is a simple man, who pretty much likes everything about me, nothing that I do really bothers him, but he truly wasn’t feeling my new look so I got rid of it much quicker than I had planned to and went back to the tried and true and that made him a happy man.

Perhaps the best experience of Summer 2019, was watching my former paralegal turned dear friend, Kerese, give birth to her first child. When I arrived at the hospital she was already in labor. Kerese had asked me beforehand to photograph the experience, maybe even make a video and I said, “Yes, of course!” I assured her that if hospital personnel would allow me into the delivery room it was a done deal. Well, it must have been my lucky day since no questions were asked when I waltzed into the delivery room, camera in hand ready to document the birth of my God-daughter.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the trauma of it all. I had never seen anyone give birth in my entire life, and despite having given birth myself, it’s a totally different experience when you’re on the other side watching it unfold with every breathless push by the Mom in labor. Whoa!!!!

It was brutal! I was in actual tears when she started crowning. It wasn’t an easy delivery, because my friend was too tired to push after a while, but she did it though. It took longer than anticipated but she gave everything she got and through lots of tears, screaming and scratching at her husband’s arms, my friend gave birth to her precious baby girl, Alexandria. It was an amazing, traumatic, breathtaking, bloody, magnificent, stomach-churning experience, all rolled into one, and I am still blown away by the miracle of it all.

There you have it, folks, I didn’t abandon my blog, I was too busy “doing”, “being” and generally just “living”. My unintentional hiatus brought with it a myriad of stories that I look forward to sharing even more of in future blog posts.

Thanks for sticking around and waiting for me to come back, and an even bigger thank you for reading. If you’ve enjoyed this post, don’t be shy, go ahead and hit the “like” button and leave a comment below.

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115 thoughts on “Yes!!! Why Not??!

  1. Hello Rakkelle Great post and great to hear you saw Jlo and Bryan Adams and the other singer. Sorry the power went out but happy that was all it was my friend. Great pictures of your God-Daughter !! Bless you for doing that for your friend !

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    1. Hi Samantha – I appreciate you stopping by. Thanks for reading….More adventures to come. Let me hop on over to your page and see what you’ve been up to. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Hey, Sis! Wooowwwwwwzers!!! You had an AWE-MAZING summer I see. First let me say, that I was SOOOO relieved to come over to your blog and see that I hadn’t missed anything…lol…because I’m sure behind! But I see you took a well-deserved break, which I’m sure from your amazing experience was well worth it. Okay, your son is soooo cute and I’m so grateful as you said that he came to you wanting to try something different and new. I love when my kids come up with their own ideas of venturing out and doing something, different. It lets me know that they’re expanding their horizons and we all know that kids will want to experience and do things on their own without us telling them otherwise. I’m glad you went with it and let him do his thing and that he did! Like you said, if he decides he no longer wants to do it then that’ll be his decision.

    I see saying yes has worked well for you this summer – I already told myself that next year is my year of saying YES to more outings and hanging out and doing more things. Kind of reminds me of that Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man” which is a good movie by the way. There are good things that come from saying YES! Glad you were able to go to some concerts and yes, you looked really good girl (great job on keeping up that gym motivation).

    I thought your hairstyle was cute and that you decided to try something different with it (I’m a redhead now – trying something new…lol) but glad you went back to what hubby liked most, that’s what matters.

    Seems we may be on the same wavelength – I just scheduled a “regular” blog post yesterday for next Thursday and like you, I was apologetic for the long delay but I felt this surge of happiness to be back and writing again, once I got started, it was almost like I’d never left – did you get that feeling too? Well, Congrats to your friend on her new bundle of joy, I never watched anyone give birth either and honestly, I don’t know if I’d want too… lol. You’re Brave!!!

    Anywho, sorry this is so long. Playing catch up – Look forward to hearing more of your fabulous stories =)


    1. Heeeeyyyy Roshonda!

      Girrrl, I blog so infrequently these days trust me you haven’t missed anything. I appreciate you checking to see if you did though. I like that, makes me feel good that you’re looking forward to reading my writing.

      Chile, the summer has been chocked full of adventures and then some. I feel like I’m taking a helluva a bite out of life with this yes thing. Totally enjoying it.

      Yes, our kids being innovative and creative certainly makes us proud parents. Let’s see where this new desire will take my son.

      Would love to see you as a redhead. I bet it’s cute. Do you have any pictures up on your page?

      Sis, never apologize for the length of your commentaries. I looove them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Hey, Girl!!!! I’m glad you’re having a GREAT time!! I’m doing a post this week where I’ll put the red head pic up….lol lol. You inspired me to do a summer post – didn’t quite do too much but business stuff but I did take some professional business pics so, we’ll see. I understand about the blogging infrequencies….trust me!

        Thanks for the long post comment – Girl, I talk and can’t stop sometimes….LOL LOL LOL..


  3. Rakkelle, I think it is amazing that you supported your son – and said yes to his exploring modeling. Sending positive vibes with this, that all goes well for him (and he does seem like a natural ๐Ÿ™‚ ). And, congratulations to Kerese and to you, for the birth of your god daughter. Alexandria is so beautiful, you must be really happy.

    I see you releasing those 12 pounds. It’s one step at a time, right? (I used to do holistic health counseling.)

    This whole post lit me up. Would love to see you when I’m in Brooklyn, if you’re up for it! Email me at if you want to.

    All the best to you!

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  4. I had filed this away and just wasn’t going to think about it anymore. But your post has brought it back to. You mention the blackout: July 13, 2019 โ€“ #nycblackout2019. I’d really like to get your take on how weird that was. I mean, isn’t that just too much of a coincidence that it occurred exactly on the 30th anniversary of the famous New York blackout of 1977, on July 13, 1977. It just seems to me that someone is letting us know that they can do some real damage whenever they want. I’m just saying.

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    1. Hi Henry,

      I honestly didn’t give it much thought but now that you mention it – I mean you never know, right?!

      Someone (The CIA or the government) could possibly be illustrating who is really in charge – Them versus “We the people”… Or it could just be a coincidence since July is historically one of the hottest months in NYC and the blackout this year was caused by a disabled transformer which powers electricity for scores of thousands of New Yorkers….Over usage of our air conditioning units on one of the hottest nights of the Summer might have been the cause of the transformer malfunction…Who knows?! I certainly don’t. Food for thought, right?!

      Thanks for giving me something to think ๐Ÿค” about, Henry.

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    1. Ahhh, thanks, Benn. I like that adjective”sensational”.

      Re Blake – Let’s see what happens. We’ve been at and it’s a lot to do. Apparently, he needs more Instagram presence like seriously who has time for all that…๐Ÿคช


  5. Welcome back Rakelle!
    You never disappoint. Always an interesting read. Happy you had an amazing summer. Btw, you look great! I think the new hairstyle could
    have grown on me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Best wishes to your son in his new pursuit.


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    1. I bet your Summer was fantastic too with your brand new hubby and all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Who knows maybe I’ll try the new do again next Summer. Maybe make it longer in the back.

      Thanks for the well wishes for my Blakey and thank you so much for reading and commenting. Much appreciated. โค


  6. The same thing happened to me! I looked up and realized last I’d posted was in July! But, really, who has the time?! You DEFINITELY wouldn’t have much time, considering all your goings-on. It sounds like a packed, fulfilling two months have gone by, and, yes, your son DOES have camera appeal. Good luck to him!
    So sad that anytime anything unusual happens now, though, like power going out, our first thoughts move to terrorism or even mass shooting. I don’t want to say it’s karma but sometimes it feels like karma. But on a lighter note, you look great, sound enthusiastic, and the baby being born must have been the cherry on top. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Stacey, you have no idea that baby has really made my Summer. I am ecstatic to watch her grow. She is almost 2 months now and so alert. Seems like she’s now recognizing faces and voices.

      Yes, Lady, karma! Don’t even get me started on the whole karma theory. *Sigh*

      Thanks for reading, Stacey. It was my pleasure to share.

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  7. Wow, you’ve been busy and having fun! Funny you got criticism about your new hair look as I cut my hair myself just last week and got lots of support from my family…but as soon as one of my classmates caught sight of me and my short hair, he let me know he didn’t approve. I started doubting my decision (too late by then, I know), and it took several assurances from family and friends that it actually looks quite good.

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      1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately, our camera hasn’t been working for the last few months, so I can’t provide any photos, but I’ll try and describe. Before:
        My hair was around shoulder-length.
        My hair’s boy short (unintentionally).

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      2. I’m on the public library computer at the moment, so you’ll have to wait until I get home..and if I can remember which photo on the computer was the latest one before our camera decided to cough up and die.

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      3. I’ve been thinking about it and I have one condition: IF I share a photo of myself, you must promise to keep it strictly amongst us and never share it on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or with anyone else.

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      4. Why would I do that? What would I achieve by posting your picture all over social media; especially without your permission? Listen, Rachael, if you’re have doubts about sharing a photo of yourself with me you don’t have to. It’s cool, I was just curious. No worries.

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      5. No worries, Rachael. It’s not that serious. Whenever you are having doubts about something you probably shouldn’t do it…You should always be comfortable with your decisions. It’s totally fine. Let’s forget about the whole picture thing.

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  8. You’ve been busy girl! I had a lot to say as I read through, but now I can’t remember it all lol I will say that what’s helped me go out drinking, in particular is to order vodka and club soda, with a spritz of cranberry juice. Most of those sugar calories come from fruity cutesy drinks that we love (as you probably already know).

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    1. Awww man, wished you remembered everything that came to mind while you were reading so I could enjoy a nice long comment. ๐Ÿ˜‚

      Yes, Kathy, those “fruity, cutesy” drinks will get us every time and of course, those are the drinks that I love. I must try that vodka, club soda, and spritz of cranberry to see if I’ll like it. I have heard good things before but have never tried it just because the cutesy, fruity gets me every time. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  9. I MISSED YOU!!!
    Girl you are rockin’ at that concert! Pretty!!! (LOVE the hair!!)
    (sorry…I have to agree with hubby on the hair. I’m partial to long hair on women but that is me and no I am not gay.

    Good luck to your son. He’s a handsome young man and omg 6’3″ WOOOOT!


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    1. You’re the sweetest, you know that?! I missed you too, Doll!

      Yeah, that new do had to go…Honestly, don’t think it was my best look and a lot of people agreed with you and my husband. I wasn’t sad to let it go.

      You’re not gay??! Aw shucks! ๐Ÿ˜‚

      Thanks for the well wishes for Blake. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome (or lack thereof).

      And huge cyber hug right back at ya, Boo!

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  10. I’m so glad you’re back, my friend! Wow, your son has it goin’ on now doesn’t he? He will be a very successful model!

    I always hate the response, “What did you do to your hair?” Lol. My response is always, “Whatever the hell I want.” You’re good to have considered your husband’s feelings. I guess it makes a difference when you actually care for each other. My ex was such a dick, I would have never changed back to my previous style!

    Congrats to your friend on the birth of her child! And congrats to you, as well! God Mother ‘eh? That’s a big deal! Giving birth is much different than watching a birth, yes indeed! I watched one of my nephews being born. It was amazing! Doctors had to use a suction cup to help him along and when the suction cup slipped, I got splattered with blood. The doctor and nurses were all worried about me! “I’m ok” I cried. “Let’s get this baby born!” It was an amazing experience. โค I'm sure yours was, too!

    I'm so glad you had such an eventful summer! Can't wait to hear more! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Debbbbbiiieeeee!!!!! What a warm and wonderful commentary!

      Such a cute story about your nephew’s birth…How old is he now? It really is an amazing experience…Oh, the miracle of childbirth.

      LOL, @ “my ex was such a dick”… Thankfully, my husband is a sweetheart. He is really a nice guy who meant no harm and was only being honest when I asked if he liked the new hairstyle. To tell you the truth, I was kind of on the fence about it, one minute I liked it and the next minute I didn’t. It’s the Libran in me I can be confusing as hell. ๐Ÿ˜‚

      Thanks for reading, Deb, it’s always a pleasure seeing a comment from you. It feels good to be back. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


      1. My nephew is in his late 20’s now I think. I lose track! Lol.

        I’m sure your hubby wasn’t being hateful or hurtful. Like I said, it makes a big difference when you care about each other! In my relationship with ‘the dick’ it was a one way street.

        I love reading your blog! Can’t wait for more! ๐Ÿ’œ

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  11. Youโ€™re living a full life Racquel. You got a good looking kid, maybe he is onto something. At the very least, he is thinking industriously and communicating his way forward or at the very least, he is putting himself out there. Ballsy for sure. Good luck to him.

    Like always, you look like $1.1M so seamless. Itโ€™s no wonder your boy is so handsome.

    I heard about that power outage. My mom was in NYC when the โ€œlights went outโ€ back in the 1960s I believe. I heard that the roughest part, was all of the people who were literally stuck on Manhattan until the city got the power back on.

    Talk about good looking kids, thatโ€™s a healthy baby right there.

    Itโ€™s good to see you swing by from time to time and let us know about the fabulous life you are leading.

    Are you adhering to your vision board?

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    1. Hi 007 – Yup still adhering to my vision board. So far so good. Eighty percent of my manifestations have come to pass. I have been lucky and I am so grateful.

      I have heard about the 1960s blackout. It was a big deal, my neighbor, who was in his 20s back then got stuck on the Brooklyn Bridge for hours trying to make his way home from work. He tells the story all the time.

      Yes, living a full (busy) life and I am happy, so that’s good. My life isn’t fabulous, I could use a walk-in closet and a zero balance on my mortgage but I’m not complaining ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚, because I like my life and again, I am very grateful for what I do have.

      Re Blake, he might be onto something. He certainly has the height and the look. We’ll see what happens. We don’t have any great expectations but life has a way of surprising us, doesn’t it?!

      Thanks for reading and leaving such a nice comment, 007, always love it when you stop by.

      P.S. I’m going to try to post more regularly in the future.

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  12. Glad to see you back, but even gladder you’ve had such an amazing summer. All those concerts must have been great–although I’m sorry the power outage took you out of J. Lo I’m glad it didn’t happen during Lenny Kravitz, who’s an amazing performer, and Aziz Ansari cracks me up. I’m envious you saw him live. Several years ago he did a surprise set at a Nashville recording studio and, story of my life, I only heard about it the next day.
    And congratulations on the new god-daughter! God-daughters are amazing. You get all the benefits of a daughter and then you can drop her off with her mother when she gets to be too much trouble. But she’ll never be trouble.
    Good luck to Blake too. Whatever happens I’m glad he’s going for this now rather than later when he might not have time. Better to try than have regrets.
    By the way I liked the new look. I understand your husband’s feelings, though.

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    1. Hi Chris – Glad to be back. Missed blogging a lot. Missed my pals, like you, over here in Blogosphere.

      Yassss, Lenny Kravitz, is a genius. A real radical that preaches exclusivity and unity. His show this past Tuesday was all about love and peace โœŒ๏ธ and his major dislike for divisiveness. I love him.

      J-Lo rescheduled for 2 days later on the 15th so we were back in business then. She put on a great show but I gotta say my best concert this Summer was Kravitz.

      Ahh man, you missed out on seeing Aziz Ansari…Bummer! His show was really good too. In fact, that same show we attended is on Netflix right now. The taping was that night. If you look really closely you’ll see me in the audience. ๐Ÿ˜‚ LOL, I’m only kidding. The Netflix special is worth watching though. Really funny, thought provoking stuff.

      Do you live in Nashville? I don’t know why I thought you lived in the Virginia/Maryland area.

      Yep, that IS the best thing about Goddaughters, you can love em and leave em to their parents when they become a handful.

      Re: Blake’s pursuits, thanks for the well wishes, man. You’re right, now rather than later – when his life gets extremely busy, which it will.

      Do you have kids, Chris?

      Re the new look; thanks! Some days I liked it, some days I didn’t. Truth be told I was happy to go back to the easy, convenient, wash n go look.

      P.S. When I disappear and come back yours, is amongst the some of the bloggers’ comments, I look forward to reading.

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      1. I do live in Nashville–and a funny thing is people call me a “unicorn” because I was born and raised here, unlike most Nashville residents who came here from somewhere else.
        And I don’t have kids, unless you count the four-legged ones. Sometimes I think they should count as kids, though. They can be as much of a handful.

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  13. Good luck to your son with his modeling. Heโ€™s a good looking young man but thatโ€™s a rough business. My girlfriend did it and it almost ruined her self esteem. Lots of rejections.
    I heard about the J Lo blackout… but damn girl, you looked good so who cares?
    Glad to see you back. We missed you!

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    1. Hi River,
      Sorry to read about your girlfriend…Hope her self esteem is back. Blake doesn’t have his heart โค๏ธ set on it like that. After all, he is only a Junior in high school. He’s not trying to make it his main thing, he’s smart enough to know that modeling is fleeting and the focus is on his upcoming SATs, ACTs, graduating in 2021 and getting into a reputable university, and of course, there is also varsity basketball ๐Ÿ€, his first love. It’s nice to have a hobby though and that’s where the modeling will come in. It’s also a good look on his college applications to see participation in something non-academic, especially something that isn’t quite expected from a black male. Can you dig it?

      Thanks, girl – The weight loss journey is a constant struggle but I am not giving up.

      “We”? Who is “we”? Just kidding. I missed the blogosphere too. ๐Ÿฅฐ

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  14. So glad to hear you are having a wonderful summer! Your son is so handsome. I hope he can make some bucks modeling! I totally get that you want your hubby to like your look, I’m the same way which is why I keep my hair long and dyed! But I do think you look really pretty in those pics! I look forward to more posts. I am kinda boring right now as far as my blog. Menopause does bad things to your brain! Lol!

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    1. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ OMG ๐Ÿ˜ฑ The forbidden menopause….Sheesh!

      Yes, Blake is a looker and so very tall too. My gorgeous boy. I lucked out with him because not only is he tall, dark and handsome but he also has great manners, and he’s kind, so very, very kind.

      I like your hair – I like the long, blonde tresses on you. Thanks for the compliment on the new failed do. I’m only kidding, it wasn’t a fail, it wasn’t that bad. ๐Ÿ˜‚ It did make me look young but it took work to maintain.

      You? Boring? Never that! ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. A lot of living went on this summer! Grist for the mill.
      Congrats to Kerese and your son on their new endeavors!

      I totally look forward to hearing about the adventures emanating from this summer of YES. Who knows where it all will lead.


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  15. Wow – the boy looks great! Best wishes that he can rise above all the pettiness and cattiness of the industry and manages to carve out his own cool thing!

    I remember hearing about the JLo concert being affected and seeing some snips on the news, but I didn’t pay very close attention – now I wish I had…perhaps your interview went national?! I heard that she would be rescheduling the concert, so you should be able to see her full show at some point in the future.

    Greg clearly doesn’t see what I do – that hairstyle looks crazy good on you! It, surprisingly, makes you look even younger! I hope you took a bunch more pics and will occasionally look at them so you can appreciate how amazing you look, even if it isn’t the old tried and true. I change up my hair all the time. When I chopped off my butt-length hair back in 2011 to my chin, Aaron freaked out, but I brushed him off. I LOVED it. I’d done it FOR ME and kept it FOR ME. In the past year, I’ve let it finally grow back to shoulder length and everyone is losing their mind over it. I like it okay, but it’s not really anything “new” for me…it just means a lot more work to actually do it! Regardless, longer hair does mean more flexibility with looks…and I DO love that!

    CONGRATS on the new god-daughter! She’s beautiful!! And what an honor to be able to witness her birth AND document it!

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    1. Blake is a lot like his Mama, “pettiness” and “cattiness” doesn’t phase him besides I am his manager. I will handle it/them properly.

      The concert was rescheduled for the following Monday night after the blackout and she put on an outstanding performance.

      Whereas I get that a woman does whatever she likes for herself in terms of style etc., and of course one’s number one priority should always be one’s self, I like to make my man happy. Truth is I was only okay with the new look, it was alright, yes, it definitely made me look younger, but I PREFER my regular center part long extensions. It’s much more flexible to style. I actually have it at shoulder length now and I am liking that as well. Greg is so sweet though his opinion matters a great deal to me. He actually started getting used to the new do but his initial reaction stuck with me.

      Alexandria is beautiful. A brand new niece and God-daughter all in the same year is such a wonderful thing. ๐Ÿ˜

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      1. Welcome back and congrats on having a great summer! Here’s hoping and praying that Blake’s modelling career will take off but even if it doesn’t the fact is that he tried and that you supported him. That says alot!

        I can’t imagine what watching someone give birth is like…naturally anyway. I conveniently skipped the pregnancy classes when I knew they would be showing birthing videos and was happy that I would be doing a c-section. But that’s just me. You are brave and I applaud that! Congrats to your friend and to you the doting godmother.

        Sometimes it’s the small things that matter and you could have said “cho…I’m gonna rock this new hairstyle whether Greg likes it or not” but instead, you changed it. Way to go Rakelle!

        So …it was great reading your blog…glad you are back and I look forward to all the other stories that are in the making.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ahhhh, Betty, I appreciate your lengthy commentary. ๐Ÿ˜†

        Yes, I like the fact that Blake is willing and fearless in his endeavors. I like that he has a dream and he is fearless in his pursuit and is willing to put in the work. You should have seen him at the photoshoot, I was so proud. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually makes it in the industry despite the competitive nature thereof. He’s always been lucky ๐Ÿ€ like that. I love that he is inspired though.

        Watching a natural birth is not for the faint of heart. Girrrrlll, there isn’t enough adjectives in the world ๐ŸŒŽ to describe that experience.

        As for Greg not “loving” the new do, he doesn’t ask for much, and he didn’t even ask me to change it, but I want him to love what he sees everytime he looks at me so I was totally okay with letting go of the new do.

        Thanks for reading, Betty. Glad you’re looking forward to more of my writing.


  16. Well, it was worth the wait ๐Ÿ˜‰ What a summer! Youโ€™re right about Blake he is quite stunning (and thatโ€™s from a complete testosterone fuelled heterosexual, so God knows what the girls think๐Ÿ˜‚) Shame about the concert, but no one died so hey ho ๐Ÿ˜€ As for your new look, I dislike disagreeing with husbands (not really appropriate) but you look stunning (there again you always have) So glad you have had a wonderful time, and look forward to the next one, but possibly not 2 months? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad it was worth the wait. Two months?! No, no, I’m never staying away that long ever again.

      LOL @ the whole heterosexual bit. ๐Ÿ˜‚

      The concert was rescheduled for 2 days later, JLo came out and gave us all our money’s worth on Monday night following the blackout so it was all good.

      Re: the hairstyle – I was truly on the fence about it. I liked it in the beginning but I really couldn’t get used to it. I was happy to go back to my tried and true.

      Thanks for reading, Charlie. Appreciate every word of your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Good lord, thatโ€™s a lot of things! First, your son is gorgeous (can I say that?)! This isnโ€™t really a surprise though, since look at his mom. You do look fab in your concert photo, and I have to say I love your โ€œold hairโ€ too, but you should def do what you like. Bummer about the concert. Iโ€™m vicariously happy for all your fun, since Iโ€™ve been mostly staying at home by choice. Hopefully we will see another update before 2 months have passed again. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Oh, and cute baby! ๐Ÿ’–

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See why I didn’t have time to write, Paula, too busy getting “involved” in everything. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Yes, you can absolutely say my son is gorgeous. I welcome it. Of course, I think he is but the affirmation is always good.

      There has been so much more happening with me that I can’t fit into just one blog post. I am hoping to be far more consistent going forward so I’ll get a chance to share most things.

      As always, thank you for reading and for your wonderful comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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