Am I A Writer Now?

I am back!

My last post was on Mother’s Day and today, a month and 3 days later, it is Father’s Day and I am finally getting the time to sit down, focus and share my thoughts. My break from blogging wasn’t intentional. There were so many days that I had planned to write, had my topics and thoughts all planned out in my head but the time, oh my, the time – It has been so hard to find the time to sit down and just write.

Believe me, it hasn’t been a lack of inspiration that has prevented me from sitting down and assembling my thoughts. I find inspiration in so many things that I have even created a list of topics I’d like to someday blog about but it’s carving out those few hours to write and properly edit without interruption that has been challenging me lately.

I like to find a quiet area, usually the chair by my bedroom window, to sit and write; but recently, my life has been full, fuller than usual with things and people and events and stuff that has consumed all of my free time, if there is even such a thing as freeΒ time. And of course, let’s not forget about work – the thing you do that actually pays the bills that have to be done and must be prioritized.

We all have full lives and we tend to use the word busy to describe the fullness of our lives but the truth is we make time for the things and people that matter to us most, as such I am almost upset with myself for my unintentional hiatus from something I enjoy so much.

My Blog is my baby and I feel like a neglectful Mom that I haven’t been keeping up and doing all that I had set out to do with my Blog. My readership should have grown more by now but this stalling hasn’t helped one bit.

Alas, I am okay with it though because like my Mom always says, “The race is not for the swift but for those who endureth.” My blog will get to where I want it to be someday, I am sure of that, but for right now, I’ll just go with the flow and write not only when I find the inspiration but most importantly when I can find the time instead of trying to force myself into a schedule.

I have had a few of my fellow bloggers, followers, and friends reach out to me to ask where I have been. They actually miss my writing enough to contact me and say “What’s up? Where have you been? I miss your writing! When are you going to post another piece?”

Does that mean I am a writer now?

People actually want to “read” me. This has validated me in so many ways and given me enough confidence to start to think of myself as a writer since there are real live humans out there who have an interest in my blog posts and actually look forward to reading my words. πŸ˜ƒ

The one thing I have been consistent with though is my quest to lose weight. I am down an additional 6 pounds since You’re Getting Fat! Of course, I wish I could report that I had already attained my goal weight, which is still a whopping 11 pounds away. These days the weight seems to take much longer to come off than when I first started the weight loss journey. It’s times like these when I eradicate my frustration by again remembering my mother’s favorite saying, “The race is not for the swift but for those who endureth” and focus and how far I have actually come and the 24 pounds that I was able to get rid of.

My new eating habits is a lifestyle change though so I’m confident that I’ll eventually get to my goal weight. I am pleased with my progress and I am excited about being able to fit into all those dresses in my closet that I could no longer wear because of my weight gain over the last few years, which has already started happening. I can’t begin to describe the euphoria of being able to slide into a dress I hadn’t worn since my 40th birthday, 5 years ago, or the experience I had when I went shopping recently for a dress for my friend’s wedding and realized that I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10!

Oh, that awesome feeling of not having to suck in my gut. Ahhhhh…You have no idea!😁

To all those who had missed my Blog and reached out to me, thank you for making a girl feel like she can actually write, the validation is wonderful. It feels fantastic to be missed, I am back now praying for consistency and hoping to still be able to keep you interested. πŸ˜‰

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97 thoughts on “Am I A Writer Now?

  1. Good to have you back. Although I have not reached out to you, I did wonder what you were up to.
    I really like what you said about not having time vs. not making time. So true. And you comparing your blog to a baby and yourself to a neglectful momma makes absolute sense.

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    1. Hi Goldie – I have been keeping up with your Blog even though sometimes I haven’t found myself with the time to write a beautiful, intelligent commentary.

      Yes, our Blogs are our babies. Usually, we nature them and we want to see them grow, so when we neglect them we feel terrible.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I know you had/have an especially busy weekend so I really appreciate you taking the time to show me some love.

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  2. Hey, Girl! Well, I’m sooo glad you’re back. I may not have reached out because I didn’t know how, BUT I had been coming to your blog off and on to see if I had missed a post. I actually did a couple of times before I went on my hiatus. I’m glad things are well with you, it feels good when we have people that truly care about our craft, goes to show you’ve made a real impact and people are missing the inspo! Glad you’re back, Glad you’re down 6 more pounds!!! Looking at that pic though, it doesn’t look like you need to lose anymore, You look great Sis!! Well, I’m on hiatus but will be checking back in to see what goodies you leave behind. Wishing you well =)

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      1. I’m going to try Sis – Right now it’s business adventures, it’s funny because I just told myself the other day that I want to travel more. There are so many events going on and I always put I’m “interested” but never go. I declared that this year, I’m going on some adventures/events/concerts. I really don’t get out enough – Anywho, Thanks though, Sis – Much Love πŸ’“πŸ’“

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  3. Are you a writer now?? Racqs you sure are! To have people following your blog, keep them interested in what you have to say and for them (and me) to miss reading them when you go on “hiatus” is no easy feat. So go on girl! Take a bow!

    These days we all seem so busy and there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day…especially for us womenfolk. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

    Finally, I just wanted to say that you look fabulous! And if you didn’t know already…red suits you!

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  4. Wow, I can’t believe you go for 2 hours to the gym 5 days a week! That’s actually amazing and impressive!

    I’ve just been trying to do a minimum of 30 minutes a day on the elliptical trainer–which we have in our home!–and sometimes I can’t even do that if the oil has to be changed or there’s a doctor’s appointment, etc. Don’t have to go anywhere–still can’t get it done, lol !!

    Also making time for writing: O…M…G. It’s even worse than the exercising thing, because you actually have to make time and then THINK. And not feel rushed and keep looking over at the clock, right?! Props to you for tackling your challenges!

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    1. Awwwwww, thanks so much for validating my crazy. πŸ˜‚

      Yeah, 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, that surprisingly goes pretty fast. It’s either an hour on a cardio machine or an hour in a class followed by an hour of weight training…Or maybe 2 classes back to back, e.g. Zumba followed by Body Sculpting; that’s the general gist of my routine. It sounds intense but it really isn’t and I only do it to get workout points that I can eat on my Weight Watchers program. The more you workout the more points you get to eat; that certainly motivates me.

      Hey give yourself some credit for doing 30 minutes a day on the elliptical. The elliptical trainer is a great machine because you hit both the upper and lower body when you use it….I hear you on finding/making the time though. It’s hard because there is sooooo much going on in our lives.

      Yeah, I am finding it more and more difficult to find time for my writing but I’m determined to do so. Just this week I got inspiration from watching “Rocketman” (the movie on Elton John’s life) and I was hoping to come home and write an article on it and I still haven’t gotten to it yet, and that was 3 days ago (sigh).

      Thanks for reading though. I always enjoy your commentaries on my posts. I don’t think I ever got your name….Based on your WordPress handle I am assuming Liza is a part of your name. Is it? What do I call you? I feel a connection so I’d really like to know your name. πŸ™‚

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  5. Hello Rakkelle I think you are a writer and have been since you started your blog. I know what it is like to miss lots of writing and creating blog posts due to other reasons like my health sucks lol I do enjoy reading what you write for us. We all have reasons why we follow you Rakkelle but we miss you trust me. Write when you have time it will all fall into place again. Great to see you again !

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    1. Awwww, thanks James!!!!

      Sorry to hear about your health. πŸ˜•

      You said everyone has their own reasons for reading my Blog so that makes me kinda curious…Why do you read my Blog James? You’ve been one of my consistent readers since I first started and now I am curious as to why you keep coming back. πŸ˜‚

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      1. I enjoy the way you tell stories and the content is always interesting and makes me smile and think which are great reasons to keep coming back Rakkelle. To me they are my top reasons !

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  6. It’s funny but I was thinking about you and your writing and how you hadn’t been around and you appeared, welcome back and you look fabulous by the way, but you always did πŸ˜‰ Especially in a red dress πŸ‘

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  7. If you’ve seen Dances With Wolves you may remember a scene where Kevin Costner and another guy find a skeleton out on the prairie and the guy says, “Somebody back east is sayin, now why don’t she write?”
    Anyway I wondered where you were, although one of the nice things about WordPress is I get a notification when you write, and I’m glad to see you’re doing well. Better than well–fantastic, really, and rockin’ that red dress.
    And all it ever takes to be a writer is to write, to want to write, to think about writing. When people want to read what you write that’s the affirmation that you’re a good writer.

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    1. Hi Chris,

      So good to hear from you.

      I have seen DANCES WITH WOLVES a few times. I really like that movie but I honestly don’t remember the scene with that line. I haven’t seen it in years though. As a self proclaimed movie buff I appreciate the reference. πŸ™‚ And it’s nice to know that “someone out East” was missing my writing.

      I have been trying to keeping up with your posts though. I liked the recent one about pressing elevator buttons and street light crossing buttons. I wrote a comment on that piece but when I hit “send” of course it wouldn’t post….As usual. πŸ˜•

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      1. Everything! *giggles behind fingers*

        It’s going well. My family likes him. My brother asked if he golfed. That means he’s ‘in like Flynn’… lol

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  8. Oh girl, you look FABULOUS!!! I’m happy that you’ve gotten this far on your weight loss, it does make us feel better I think. 11 lbs to your goal weight? Damn woman you 3 lbs closer than I am, I still need 14, but as you mentioned, learning to eat and exercise is whats going to keep me from getting back to where I was a year ago. I’ve definitely miss you girl, glad you back!

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    1. Huntress Darling, missed you too.

      Life gets so “full”, right?!

      Fourteen pounds or eleven pounds it’s all the same….Point is we are closer to our goal weight and have less pounds to lose than the ones we have already gotten rid of.

      Congratulations, Veronica. We are both doing our thing.

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      1. Huntress, true story :

        Today I’m standing in the check out line at Dick’s Sporting Goods while waiting to pay for some workout clothes. As I stood there I started scrolling through my WordPress notifications and that’s when I saw your comment/compliment about my arms…I smiled to myself, then it’s my turn to pay so I go over to the cashier and as she starts to check off my items she says, “How often do you workout?”

        Me: 5 times a week.

        Cashier: Wow. That’s impressive.

        Me: Why do ask? Because of all this workout gear I’m buying, right?

        Cashier: Oh no…Because of your arms (I was wearing a sleeveless dress). Your arms look great. I have always wanted arms like that. What’s your upper body routine?

        Huntress, girl, I was floored. No one and I mean no one has ever complimented my arms before and here I am getting two in one day, back to back at that.

        I have worked so hard on my arms all year and I am ecstatic that they’re finally on the receiving end of some compliments. 😁

        Thank you, Huntress Darling, you made my day!!! πŸ’•

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      2. There you go Rakkelle, all that hard work has been noticed! I really do wish I had those arms of yours. I’m slowly but surely getting there, I’m not as flabby as I use to be in the bicep area, but I still have a ways to go before I have toned arms like yours. I’m so jelly right now! lol

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      3. I have a lot work to go too with my arms, hell with my entire body. My triceps really aren’t that toned but at least there has been some progress in the area….Keep going, Ronnie, before you know it we’ll both be sporting Michelle Obama arms. 😁

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    1. Thanks, Claudette…Life happens but judging from your Blog posts who knows that more than you. πŸ™‚

      I’ll be right over to check out your stuff.


  9. Yes! I have missed you and even checked your Facebook page to see if there were any posts explaining your absence. πŸ™‚ You are looking fabulous in that dress, btw. You’re definitely a writer , but did you mean to leave out the word ‘A’ in your title? It’s been a busy couple of months around here as well and I have a busy week this week, so I don’t know if I’ll be writing much. See you around!

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    1. OMG Paula! I must have reread that title a hundred times and didn’t notice the missing “A”….Thank you for pointing that out. I was editing at 1 am so my brain was a bit tired. I went in and fixed it. Good save. Thanks, again!

      I gotta go catch up on your stuff now.

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  10. You already know I’m one of your biggest supporters and, yes, I miss you when you go missing!

    You do look fab – good job on sticking to your goals! I’m positive those last 11 pounds will disappear!

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    1. You’re the FIRST real connection I made on here, Heather. I appreciate your support but you already know that… What you might not know is that your consistency motivates me and whenever I get a text message from you saying, “Just checking in”, I know I need to get my ass in gear and start writing. πŸ˜‚

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      1. I’m not as consistent as I started out being with one post per day, but I still manage 3+ posts per week – but my posts aren’t as personal as yours. I suspect it takes you longer to write, edit and prep your one post than it does my usual three posts, so I get it.

        I check in when I haven’t heard from you every so often because I care! If you’re unable to post, I’m not going to pressure you – but I do want to make sure all is well!

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      2. I know you’re checking in to see how I am as opposed to “pressure” but I do need to get my butt in gear whenever it’s been too long.

        We have a personal relationship so you checking in is always more than just “Where is your next blog post”…Believe me I know that. πŸ™‚πŸ’•

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  11. Omg… girlfriend, you look fantastic! I can’t believe that’s only a 6 lb loss since the last time we saw you.
    No apologies necessary, we all know life takes precedence over blogging… or at least it should!

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    1. Awwww, thanks RiverGirl!

      Yup, only 6 lbs but the weight loss is showing more than ever I think because I’m streamlined from lifting weights. According to a trainer at the gym I’m “evening out”. He explained further that the numbers might not go down on the scale but I’ll be more svelte from weight training….Go figure! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

      I really don’t care, I’m just happy my clothes can fit again. I had so much clothes I couldn’t wear. So glad I hadn’t given them away.

      Gotta go catch up on RiverGirl posts. πŸ™‚

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  12. Wow, not only slim but glam too! Congrats! It’s always easy to lose the first few… and great you’re doing it now. Once you’re over 50, unless you exercise like a maniac, the metabolism slows to a snail.

    I do miss you, but I remembered you said you had a lot going on. Back from 2010-2015, my posting was pretty sparse. Plus, now lots of those are gone because they were dating complaints. You’re right we make time when we can.

    When the time is right to write more, you will know. Just like me and novels. Now I’m back to poetry and short stuff. I consider it self-care. πŸ’–

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    1. Yes, yes, yes! Writing is, in fact, self-care since it is something that we enjoy doing that stimulates our pleasure senses. I had never thought of it as such before but you’re absolutely right. Things that make you go, “Hmmmm.”

      Dating complaints? Pray tell, what does that mean? Do you mean the posts weren’t sorted properly?

      Yup, exercising does accelerate weight loss by revving up our metabolism. I’m not looking forward to the snail pace scenario though but I am glad that I actually enjoy the gym and stay in there at least 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. My gym routine has helped with the weight loss soooo much.

      Favorite frame from your commentary: “Wow, not only slim but glam too.” I consider myself a fashionista (one that hopes to write a fashion blog post or 2 in the near future) so that statement means a helluva lot to me. Thank you, Paula!

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    1. Heyyyyy Sis!

      Been a while. I have missed you…I know you were going through a big move from one City or was it State to the next. Hope all as settled down now.

      Thank you! *Takes bow*


      1. It was one city to another, and it’s getting there. It’ll be better once we move into our new apartment; sharing a hotel room with two toddlers and an 80 lb dog is getting a little old😧🀣

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      2. Yup, 80 lbs, pitbull. She’s 5 yrs so I include her with the boys😧
        Our apartment is avail in August. They don’t have breed restriction so we jumped at the chance(We had her since she was 9 wks old, we weren’t giving her up). Its nice and roomy and the neighborhood is good.

        We looking forward to the boys having their own roomπŸ˜‰

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