By now you must have watched the HBO Documentary, Leaving Neverland. The documentary is essentially a 4-hour interview in which two adult males, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, describe being seduced and sexually molested by Michael Jackson, at the height of his stardom, when they were mere children.

I watched Leaving Neverland when it premiered last Sunday, I watched it again on Monday, and today, four days later, I still cannot get the graphic details of these allegations against Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, out of my head. To say I am troubled and disturbed by the allegations is putting it mildly. I am not one to get into celebrity gossip or stories or the like, but I simply cannot get the details of this controversial documentary out of my head and it has left me wondering about the veracity of these horrific accusations.

Both Safechuck and Robson alleges in graphic detail the sexual seduction and abuse they suffered at the hands of Michael Jackson when they were merely 10 and 7 years old, respectively; at the time Michael Jackson was a grown man in his 30s. The age difference is staggering and one can only label Jackson a pedophile, if, and I repeat if these allegations are true.

Safechuck met Jackson when he won the role of a lifetime playing opposite Jackson in a Pepsi commercial in 1987 when he was only 8 years old. His relationship with Jackson soon blossomed after that as the allegations purport that Jackson not only seduced the then 10-year-old Safechuck but also his entire family, including his parents. Jackson became “friends” with Safechuck’s mother and in Leaving Neverland, Mrs. Safechuck even describes how she regarded Jackson as one of her own children. She describes him as “a son” and talks about preparing meals for him, speaking with him on the phone daily for hours and having him over for dinner several times in their home. It was therefore relatively easy for her to say “yes” when Jackson invited them on a vacation to Hawaii and later invited the then 10-year-old Safechuck to tour with him on his Bad tour. It was also relatively easy for her to comply when Jackson requested, while on the vacation in Hawaii, that her 10-year-old son sleep with him (Jackson) in his room.

Robson, who was born in and resided in Australia, met Jackson when he was merely 5 years old after winning an Australian dance contest where he won tickets to Jackson’s concert followed by a meet-and-greet. Thereafter Jackson allegedly told Robson’s mother to look him up if she ever came to the United States, which she did 2 years later, and was miraculously able to get in contact with him; and remember this is in a day and age before the Internet. It makes you wonder if certain things were just meant to be, or this is what Robson’s mother believed.

Robson and his family were invited into Jackson’s home while on their stay in the US and again the allegations are that Jackson was able to charm Mom into agreeing to allow her then 7-year-old child to spend time alone with Jackson in his private bedroom.

Dan Reed, the Director of Leaving Neverland, goes back and forth with the camera as both Safechuck and Robson are interviewed for the documentary. He does extreme close-ups of both men’s faces as they describe in very graphic details the sexual acts performed with Michael Jackson when they were mere boys, at 7 and 10 years old. Truthfully, the entire thing made me shudder and it was extremely difficult for me to wrap my mind around the allegations. My gosh, they were not even teenagers yet (not saying that would make the allegations any less disturbing) but 7 and 10 years old! My gosh! They were mere babies!

Safechuck alleges that his sexual relationship with Jackson lasted from the ages of 10 to 14, while Robson states that his relationship with Jackson was on and off for 7 years from ages 7 to 14. The indication is given in the documentary that Jackson preferred it when the boys were very young and as they entered their early teens he abandoned his relationship with them for other younger boys. Robson even claims that he was replaced by child actor Macaulay Culkin of Home Alone fame.

It is interesting to note that Culkin has vehemently denied any inappropriate conduct from Jackson during the several years they “hung out as friends”. It is also interesting to note that Dan Reed, the Director, never bothered to interview Culkin or any other of the several children, who are now men in their 30s, who were always seen in Jackson’s company at the height of his stardom.

The premiere of Leaving Neverland has, of course, revived sexual abuse allegations made against Jackson in the past. In August of 1993, Evan Chandler, a dentist, accused Jackson of sexually abusing his 13-year-old son Jordon Chandler. Jackson vehemently denied the allegations and both Safechuck and Robson gave sworn testimonies in affidavits stating that Jackson is a wholesome person, a good friend, that never once touched them inappropriately. Jackson later settled out of court with The Chandlers for $23,000,000 (yes, that’s right 23 million) and in September 1993 the criminal investigation related to the Jordon Chandler case was closed.

There were similar allegations within the following decade made against Jackson which culminated in criminal charges being brought against him in January 2004 when then 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo accused Jackson of sexually molesting him. This time there was no out of court settlement and the case went to trial, a trial that lasted several months. One of the key witnesses for Jackson in this 2005 trial was none other than Wade Robson, who testified for days about the innocence of his friendship with Jackson.

Both Safechuck and Robson were adults in 2005 during Jackson’s sexual molestation trial, Robson, who was 23 years old at the time, testified under oath that Jackson never sexually abused him. Safechuck, who was 27 at the time, stated in the documentary that when Michael contacted him to testify on his behalf in 2005 he refused, told Jackson to never call him again and hung up the phone.

The fact that both Safechuck and Robson defended Jackson in 1993 when 13-year-old Chandler accused him of sexual molestation and misconduct and Robson again in 2005, defended Jackson, this time by taking the stand has many die-hard Michael Jackson fans questioning their credibility. There has also been talk about both men making the documentary for money. However, it has been postulated over and over again by Director Dan Reed, that neither man has been “renumerated” for telling his story.

Oprah Winfrey interviewed both Safechuck and Robson after Leaving Neverland aired and she asked a pertinent question of them both, “Why come forward now?”

Both men, who are now married with sons of their own, have essentially said it is because of their children. They are now watching their own children grow up and are motivated to tell the truth as they watch the innocence of their own children on display.

Safechuck has said “I want to speak the truth as loud as I spoke the lie. Michael made you feel like you did it, that it was all your idea, Then you look at your own kid, and for the first time realize, “What? That just makes no sense.”

Today I read on BBC.com that a statue of Michael Jackson has been removed from the National Football Museum in Manchester, England. I was a bit taken aback. I also read a few articles where radio stations are considering no longer playing Michael Jackson’s songs.

Say what?!

Jackson’s music has always uplifted me, admittedly it still did this week even after watching Leaving Neverland. Jackson is no longer alive to defend himself and it bothers me that these allegations are now being made when he should be resting in peace.

However, there is something about Safechuck, not so much Robson, but James Safechuck, as I watch him give his interview to Oprah that makes me believe him. His eyes are filled with pain, his face distorted in disbelief that he simply cannot believe he’s actually doing this, that he’s actually talking out loud about something he had vowed to take to his grave. You can almost tell that he takes no pleasure from all of this. He still talks about his “love” for Jackson and the fact that he “feels like he is letting him down”.

In all honesty, I don’t know what to believe about Michael Jackson anymore. I am a fan. In light of these horrible allegations will I remain a fan? Should we now shun the man, his legacy and his music because of a controversial documentary? Or should we separate the man from his art? What say you? Do you believe that the King of Pop was capable of such appalling acts, especially against children?

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  1. This world is a “respected of persons”,
    based on wealth and fame.
    No matter how despicable, and
    disrespectful, that person actually is …
    below the superficial celebrity surface.

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  2. that’s disturbing but not really shocking – I’ve heard stuff like that about Jackson on and off all through my childhood and into adulthood. True he’s not here to defend himself anymore, but you gotta wonder, when people keep saying they saw an alien, even if it wasn’t an alien, they did see something, right?

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  3. Very good post! I don’t know what to believe either. It does trouble me though that these allegations are coming about a decade after Michael Jackson past away. Not only is he not alive to defend himself, but there will be no investigation, no trial etc. I am very hesitant to judge someone just from an accusation and from hearing only one side. People may experience the same event very differently too and may tell very different stories about something, even though they are not lying.

    There is also the issue of separating a person from the art he/she creates or created…

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    1. Funny you’d say that – I once heard 2 witnesses on the stand tell the same story, same facts, except one witness was for the prosecution and the other was for the defense and the use of different adjectives changed the narrative of each individual’s story. For example, I remember the prosecution’s witness using the word “attacked” and the defense witness using the words “resist” to describe the same set of facts. Interesting, right?

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  4. Only God knows what is true or fiction when it comes to allegations anymore, and he will be their judge in the end. I’m sorry for any child who has been abused and we as parents just have to do a better job at protecting our children and be in their presence at all time at such young ages.

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  5. I haven’t watched this yet because I’m still getting over the 6-part docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly. But I will say, because of that documentary, I no longer believe in separating someone’s art from alleged criminals. I strongly believe that we need to start seeing things as if they were happening to us or our own children. If this was your child, would you want to listen to MJ’s music again?

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    1. Kathy, this would never be my child. I am a fierce Mother who watches over and cares for my child, like any Mama Bear would. I am not about to pimp my child or a turn a blind eye to certain questionable conduct in order to attain fame and fortune. Could never and would never be my pickney. Never!!!!!

      I enjoy Jackson’s music always have and perhaps always will. The allegations were never proven in a Court of Criminal Law beyond a reasonable doubt. Who am I to assume that Jackson is guilty? Dead man tell no tale. He is not here to defend himself.

      P.S. I still watch “The Cosby Show”.

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  6. There’s a special paradoxical disconnect that seems to happen when *artists*, especially, are revealed with an unacceptable dark side. If we find something out about senators, past presidents, CEOs of corporations, etc., it’s like…and? Yeah? Tell me something I don’t know.
    But with *creative* personalities, and especially ones as famous and far-reaching as MJ, the mind just boggles. Even though I realize creativity has produced myriad numbers of depressed, suicidal, tormented, drug-addicted, alcoholic personalities through time, I still naively am shocked when anything sort of untoward is associated with them, like finding out a painter or an author is racist or that MJ may have been a pedophile.
    It’s almost impossible to hold one thought in one hand: the beauty, joy, and or deep meaning of philosophies and ideas with a separate thought in another hand: how did THIS person create THAT wonderful, deeply felt, widely understood and loved *thing*?
    But it happens all the time, because in the end, they aren’t gods. They’re just people.

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    1. Yes, yes, yes to alllll of this.

      It’s almost as if we expect politicians to disappoint. They’re oftentimes onesided and self-serving so we don’t expect much. However, a musician or an actor or any celebrity we adore, it is so hard to align the misgivings with the creative genius we have grown to “know” and love. We’d rather go to bat for them and say the accusations are impossible, but is it? Is it really impossible? It is in fact quite possible that Jackson is the creative genius he was with a very dark, tortured side. It is hard to believe but yes it is possible that he could be a record hit maker and a pedophile.

      Yes, you’re right, they are just people.

      Thank you for you for sharing your thoughts on this very controversial matter.

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      1. You’re welcome. And nice to meet you, by the way. I always just jump in and forget to say hi and introduce myself.
        It’s such a heartbreaking topic. At least people are airing their feelings about it. That’s probably a pretty healthy thing to do…… 🙂

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  7. That’s A LOT of comments.
    Anyway, why would you watch it more than once if you were so shaken by this? Was it the lawyer in you trying to catch a new detail every time? Trying to see if the witness was telling the truth? If they had their stories straight?
    I haven’t seen it and probably never will.
    All I can say is that I hate removing the statues, etc. Like with any other politician/ celebrity. 1 thing nullifies all the others?

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  8. I have not seen this documentary. Not sure I want to hear these awful things. I’ve always liked Michael Jackson’s music, even when he sang with his brothers in The Jackson 5. I have always suspected he paid people off to keep their mouths shut but as despicable as the allegations are, we can still listen to MJ’s music and appreciate what he did for pop music. I can separate the personal from the artist. I think we need to make changes in how people are perceived when they come forward about abuses and ensure justice for those victims. What’s a real shame is that with MJ’s money and fame he could have done so much to HELP the less fortunate…and while he may have helped some, he has hurt many more. 😦 Just my opinion…

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    1. And it’s an opinion I can get with.

      It’s no wonder that the victims of abuse don’t talk out more. They’re often ridiculed and criticized when they do, which is a damn shame.

      Jackson’s estate is still making millions even though he’s been dead almost 10 years. The executors of his estate can still choose to help the less fortunate (and the victims of sexually heinous crimes) if they want to but it doesn’t seem that that’s the route they want to take.

      Thanks for reading, Deb!

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  9. I wasn’t going to watch it, but my curiosity won. I had to be alone. I paused it often and walked away, did something fun or hugged myself. I will never know if what they said was true, but it felt true. I have never heard lies with such detail, such pain.

    Long ago, I was a Jackson Five fan. I grew up with them and had the biggest crush on Jermaine, although Michael was the best performer, but somehow I was able to separate the artist from the man and when the 1st allegations came out, and then the trial, it didn’t seem that he was beyond being a pedophile. What grown man sleeps with children not his own? I kept wondering. Somewhere between the second trial and his scary physical transformation (all those surgeries!), I stopped listening to his music all together because it just felt weird.

    I left Neverland a long time ago.

    Watching this documentary, I had the most questions (and judgment) for the moms. As a mom, I know that NO WAY in the world would I have let my child sleep alone in a bed with a grown stranger. Over and over again. Even if you are star struck, that Mama Bear instinct should have kicked in to protect your child.

    Again, I don’t know if the stories were true, but they felt true and I still wish I could unsee it.

    However, I thought it was important in a larger way to show parents how to recognize pedophile grooming and manipulation and keep innocent kids safe. That kind of damage seems irreversible and the Safechuck guy just looks haunted.

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    1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I have to applaud this commentary.

      Nshami, yessss! Yes to “I don’t know if it is true but it felt true”. The operative word there being “felt”. That is exactly how I feel – I shuddered while watching image documentary and even teared up a bit. It made me question everything I thought I knew about Michael Jackson. Everything!

      I have to remind myself of the possibility of him being the absolute best musician there is and the fact that he could still be a pedophile. Both aren’t mutually exclusive. It is not impossible and the pain revealed in the faces of both Safechuck and Robson (especially Safechuck) while describing graphic in detail the sexual acts compounds this possibility.

      My heart broke a thousand times thinking about how these mothers basically sold their children in order to live the “big life” and to attain a shot of fame. As a mother, how could you?! I just can’t imagine. How could you not sense that something was wrong when an adult in his 30s ask you to permit your 7 year old (or 10 year old) child to sleep in the same bed with him. Huh?! A million alarms would immediately go off in my head. Are you kidding?

      Die hard Michael Jackson fans maintain his innocence because he was acquitted of all charges in his 2005 trial but the lawyer in me knows that a guilty man can go free while an innocent man can be convicted. It has happened time and time again in our Judicial system. It is all about how well your attorney can manipulate the facts. Hence the reason some lawyers make a lot of money and we all know Jackson could afford the very best lawyers.

      The entire thing is beyond heartbreaking. If the allegations are in fact true, then like you said, the damage done is irreversible. I think Safechuck will be haunted for the rest of his life no matter how much therapy he undergoes. 😕

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      1. I agree! These mamas were the worst! Almost pimping their sons for a come-up. Michael’s fans and family are outraged, but would they be if had happened to them or their children? And where did the pop king’s family stand on all these sleepovers? We know Joe was a hard one, but shouldn’t Mother Jackson or LaToya, or Janet or Jackie or Tito have staged an intervention around him sharing a bed with little boys???
        As you pointed out, rich people have better lawyers, so his acquittals didn’t mean he was innocent. Just that he could pay for a favorable outcome.

        Awhile back, I was volunteering at a woman’s shelter and got to know another volunteer who was sexually molested by her uncle from about 7 to 12 and NOBODY in the family believed her because he was charming and successful and claimed she just had a wild imagination, so she stopped telling her story and went emotionally dormant until later in life AFTER he died when she realized she needed to heal. For herself, for her daughter. So, although Robson was more stoic than Safechuck I think that is what you do sometimes to protect what remains of your spirit. But I believed her and that seemed to mean a lot to her.

        In any case, I think celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us. Wonderful, fascinating, flawed.

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      2. I wonder about the Jackson clan and others around Michael (maids, chefs, trainers, choreographers and the like) and whether or not they saw what was happening. They had to have had an idea of what was going on, right?! They might have all been in denial in an effort not to fall from Michael’s graces. Turning a blind eye, if you will.

        The research I conducted in order to write this article uncovered a video of Latoya vehemently condemning Michael, calling him a pedophile and admonishing him and others in the family for not doing anything about it. I believe the video was from the 90s. Of course, we know everyone in the family referred to Latoya as the crazy one and basically the entire Jackson clan, including Mama Katherine sided with Michael and shunned Latoya and labelled her “crazy” and “unhinged” for verbalizing such “outlandish” accusations. Remember there was a period of time when Latoya was estranged from the rest of the Jackson clan.

        Thanks for sharing that story about your fellow volunteer. I am by no means suggesting that I don’t believe Robson. I “feel” they both might be telling the truth. However, what I don’t like about Robson is the fact that he tried to solicit money from the Jackson estate via a lawsuit after Michael died. He also insisted he given and applied for the job of Director of Choreography for the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Production “One”. For the life of me I cannot comprehend his desire to work with a production promoting Jackson’s legacy after everything he has alleged to have gone through. Why not stay away from the reminder of such pain. Robson seemed to always be motivated by money and that’s the reason I am not so endeared to him. However, it doesn’t mean that his own allegations aren’t true. Safechuck, on the other hand, lived in relative obscurity during his adult years and never seemed to be motivated by money. Robson’s greed undermines his credibility but I hasten to add that that doesn’t mean he’s lying.

        During the Oprah interview (Did you watch that too?) it was revealed that Robson has gone through far more therapy than Safechuck so that might be the reason why he is better able to handle the pain and emotions that stem from the past. Safechuck on the other hand has just started his journey.

        As I lay in bed typing this and listening to the radio guess which song just came over the airwaves? Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”. The irony!!! 😕

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      3. Yes, the irony! I used to LOVE that song. LOL.

        Yes, I remember the Jackson clan putting it out there that Latoya was nuts, but don’t remember that revealing video. Man – there was something to that!

        I did watch Oprah’s recap show too. I was double creeped out, but it was good to see an audience full of survivors and hear more of the story and other experiences. It felt like a healing space.

        I don’t know how to fully reconcile Robson’s reach for money – abuse plays out psychologically in weird ways (look at these victims defending R Kelly and Woody Allen’s daughter-wife who idolizes him) but like you said, it doesn’t mean Robson wasn’t sexually abused by MJ. In all ways, he seems to have loved him and idolized him, so it makes sense he wanted to emulate him and still be close to his work and spirit.

        Plus, Robson is an accomplished choreographer in his own right, so this is his wheelhouse. right?
        Also, I know I might get slammed for this, but what is wrong with getting monetary damages for alleged harm that was done to him? It won’t erase what happened, but it could have given him the resources to pay for ongoing therapy and care for his family, in that way transmuting circumstance.

        So many people profited by relation to or being employed by MJ. Just being in his circle. So, when the Jackson clan speaks of Robson being a money grabber, it’s kinda like the pot calling the kettle black, right?

        The maids, chaffeurs, chefs, groundskeepers and former assistants know, but we may never know the whole truth.
        I just know, I am not watching Part 3 of Leaving Neverland, if there ever is one.

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  10. I haven’t seen the documentary nor do I want to. I’ve been a fan of MJ for a long time – enjoyed his music – grew up with him, yet, he always seemed off – don’t know if the allegations are true or not. But I do agree with you and the rest of the others, I find it disturbing to read/hear about anyone molesting young boys or girls.

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    1. I’m sorry he isn’t resting in peace and that his legacy is now tarnished but, and that’s a big but, if the allegations are true then the ramifications flowing therefrom is well deserved and he wouldn’t deserve mine or anyone else’s sympathy.

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  11. Sexual assault allegations are hard to prove decades after the event without physical evidence. That’s why these allegations about past events, especially when the person is dead, are so annoying. My guess is these kids were having so much fun playing video games and shooting hoops that maybe they did things they shouldn’t have. It’s not right. On the flip side maybe they are seeking the recognition they had when they were besties with MJ. But to not shop it in the moment, that’s on them. If a man touched my pee pee as I kid, I would come forward. And if Bill Cosby raped me, I would do the same. But because they didn’t, because they saved it until now, we can’t watch the Cosby Show. How is that fair to Phylicia Rashad? I can’t play my MJ albums… How is that fair to Jonathan Moffett?

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      1. My gut feeling is that the allegations are true, but we don’t convict people based on gut feelings. I think there is reasonable doubt in his case.

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      2. What kind of society would we be living in if we did so based merely on a suspicion, a “gut feeling”?? We would be headed right back to the Middle Ages. Which is why the criminal standard for conviction will always be beyond a reasonable doubt. If one is going to suffer the consequence of losing one’s liberty then the crimes therein has to be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Period!

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      1. No. I had never even heard of it until I had read your post last night. Don’t want to, either. Not because I’m a lifelong fan and don’t want my image of him ruined, but because I don’t think I would handle the graphic detail that you mentioned they went into of what Jackson did to them.

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  12. I actually don’t want to watch it. No one knows what actually happened. I feel this whole thing is so sad; I feel sorry for the victims- if it did happen- how horrible- if it didn’t- I still feel sad for them as something clearly isn’t right. I also feel sorry for MJ and his legacy- if he is- or was- this monster he was still truly a master of music, videos, singing and so many more things. This whole thing is just upsetting but I’m choosing not to watch it… strange? Maybe… it’s just too awful 😕😕😕

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    1. I understand you not wanting to watch it. I know several people who refuse to watch it because they don’t want their image of Jackson tarnished in their minds and I totally get that.

      I probably shouldn’t have watched it because it was so disturbing it has been bothering me all week. I couldn’t help myself though I was curious and I also needed to hear the other side.

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      1. I have full understanding for people who want to and you’ve written such an eloquent post about it. I am the same about the 9/11 events… find it too upsetting so prefer not to watch the movies etc…

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  13. I don’t have HBO & I wouldn’t watch it, anyway. My teen years were full of Michael’s music…integral part of my life. Did he do what the accusers claim? I don’t know I wasn’t there.

    Watching Michael change over the years from a handsome black man to a rather bizarre looking white man…that is an indication of some kind of struggle that I will never understand. Was he abused? Again, I wasn’t there.

    I appreciate your post. You provided me with fascinating info that I otherwise would not have had.

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    1. Vic, the physical changes, like you said, were an indication of Jackson’s internal struggle. Obviously, there was something going on there. As talented as he was he was you could tell he was dealing with some inner demons.

      Thanks for reading. I did some intense research, like you do, to write this piece. 🙂

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      1. I like doing the research. I just wish I was the writer you are. I can’t weave an interesting story using facts. I’m such a data-head (programmer slang) that I just type short sentences or use bullet points. 🙄🤓

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  14. I have a difficult time believing this. But then we never really know do we?

    You heard of the interview with Piers Morgan?

    He loved children. I guess my take on it is that he was abused as a child and wanted to protect them.

    However, that being said……letting the kids sleep with him in his bed? (and was there a witness? Staff? that saw that? I’ve forgotten now…..too much of my own trauma over the last few years. Memory is going………….)

    He made beautiful music. Fun music. And like you say Rakkelle, uplifting music.

    I do not feel this coming out after he died so he is unable to defend himself. To me, that makes it suspect. Especially after they so vehemently denied it before.

    So, no. I have no idea what to think. I’m just going to ‘separate the man from the music’ as best I can and continue to sing along with him in my car at the top of my lungs whenever I want.

    Because I can.

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    1. Ahhhhh Boo; thank you so much for that link. I watched it a few times. *Sigh*…Jackson seems so real, doesn’t he? So hurt and pained when others make fun of the good he has tried to do in this World.

      Listening to that Peirs Morgan snippet has only served to compound my confusion. Jackson seems so authentic! My heart breaks for him. He must be rolling in his grave with all the recent accusations.

      My gosh! I don’t know what to believe.

      Thanks again, Boo!

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  15. I love Michael Jackson music especially his younger days hits with the Jackson 5. However, I always knew in the back of my mind that Michael Jackson was a little disturbed and had inner issues. On one hand I want to believe that he didn’t do any of this to these boys and the parents just found someone nice and vulnerable to take advantage of by exposing allegations to get money but with so many cases against Michael, even before he passed away, I wonder if any of it was ever true and did he actually do these things to these young men. One will never know…

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  16. I have no desire to see the documentary. I don’t know if MJ was a pedophile and abused children. He always seemed to have controversy surrounding him, so I definitely don’t rule it out. Regardless of the answer to that outstanding question, he was incredibly talented and I still appreciate his talent.

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    1. No doubt Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. Walking/talking/breathing talent personified. One of the best things to happen to the music industry. It’s hard to suddenly not appreciate that kind of talent despite the allegations. (I have to keep using the word “allegations” over and over again since nothing has yet been proven).

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  17. I watched all 4 hours and the Oprah interview. Then I made my husband watch it. While I was never a huge Jackson fan, I always respected his talent and felt sorry for his lack of normal childhood. Now?
    I’ll never look at him the same way. The slow, manipulative seduction of those boys and their families was well thought out and. planned. Physical abuse aside, the emotional damage he inflicted on those kids was just plain evil. I remember believing the allegations back in the day and wondering why the hell no one stepped in to stop his constant unlimited access to children. I’m afraid I blame these mothers equally. Who lets their 7 year old sleep with grown adult men? And lady, if a grown adult man wants to sleep with your child? You’d better run.

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    1. Precisely, Rivergirl! That’s a hell of a red flag right there – The simple request that you, a full blown adult, wants to share a bed with my child…Oh hell no!!!!!

      Did you see the look on Safechuck’s face during the Oprah interview? The man is in so much turmoil. My heart goes out to him.

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  18. I can’t contemplate or comment on the situation and I can’t watch the documentary.
    The only thing I will say is that I hope all parents have learnt the lesson (and I think most parents already know this) that they are responsible for their children’s safety – physically, emotionally, mentally. In the world we live in today of course that means that you have to be mindful that there are some very sick people out there.
    All children should be trained to deal with those who might take advantage of them. My parents trained us and ran practise sessions on how to deal with a situation we realized was wrong. They did not frighten us. They made it very clear which parts of the body were not to be shared with anyone else. They helped us see an adult should never ask us to share a secret with them, play special games with them, we should not let an adult tell us we were their favourite or we were pretty. Mum and Dad communicated with us and forearmed us.
    When I was very young I was at a child’s party when I had gone upstairs with some other kids. A situation developed with a man who told us off. What he said to me triggered all my warning signals. I shouted at him that I don’t have secrets with anyone older than me and I ran downstairs and confessed to the mum hosting the party that we had been naughty and gone upstairs but I was not going to keep it a secret.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Smart of you to have gone straight to your Mother when you felt the discomfort of a situation. Yes, yes, yes…We do need to train our children to speak up whenever they feel any level of discomfort.

      Unfortunately, it seems in the case with Jackson that the boys were not uncomfortable. They spoke about being told by Jackson of his “love” for them and that was the manner in which people “showed their love for each other”. Remember they were merely 7 and 10 when the sexual abuse is alleged to have started. What do they know about the expression of love or lack thereof when they’re dealing with someone who is seemingly larger than life that’s telling them that he loves them.

      Thank you for sharing your story, Mel (I hope you’re in fact Mel and that I’m not getting your name mixed up again). I so appreciate your comment. It gave me much to think about especially since I am a parent.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Wow…this one is deep and disturbing but very well written! I have not watched the documentary and after reading your post Racquel, it is unlikely that I will.

    For me, even more disturbing than the allegations is the fact that parents would be so “wowed” by celebrities that they would allow their young children to be alone with them, much less to allow a sleepover and here is the real shocker for me…allowing your kid to sleep in the same room/bed as MJ. Why would you do that?? Doesn’t the fact that a grown man would even ask for this to happen raise a red flag for you? It does for me.

    I am not trying to bash the parents, if it was that these men were in fact abused, but I maintain that sleepovers are a bad idea regardless of whether its a celebrity or not and especially where young children are involved. As cool and as fun as they can be, only older kids, if at all, should be allowed to have a sleepover.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Betty, the parents are also to be blamed for allowing the “alleged” abuse to take place.

      Both Safechuck’s and Robson’s Moms were interviewed and both indicated that initially when Jackson requested that the boys sleep with him in his bed that they were initially ‘”concerned” but thought better of their concerns because Jackson himself was so childlike. Really???! What a load of crap. It was the fame and fortune that influenced their decision. They wanted a taste of fame and fortune and sold their children for it. Despicable!!!! Like you said, Betty, that right there is a red flag.


      1. How sad that a parent can be so dazzled by fame and fortune that they place their child in harm’s way. Thanks for your post Racquel…if nothing else, it has cemented my position that apart from grandma there will be no sleepovers for my little one…not anytime soon.

        Liked by 2 people

  20. I loved R Kelly to a fault, so you can believe the shock on my face when I heard about those allegations that were made against him. I felt betrayed.

    Like Renard rightly said, we’re too trusting of celebrities. We think we know them, but we don’t.
    I don’t know if Michael can do this act he has been accused of. I don’t want to believe he’s guilty. But if I don’t see any video evidence to prove he’s guilty, I’ll keep loving the man and his music for as long as I live and breathe.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I agree 100% Obinna.

      As for R. Kelly the girls are alive and telling their stories so yeah I believe those accusations levied against him. Not too shocked about that one. Something about R. Kelly and his music make this one not too shocking. 😬

      Liked by 1 person

  21. As to why the alleged victims might lie well money, fame etc. Assuming it’s true why would they have denied it before? Maybe fear of retribution while he was alive or maybe he was still paying them to keep quiet? Too many possible scenarios for me to conclude anything

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That leaves everyone having to decide which is the lie. And since the man is dead they can’t be doing this to prevent future hurt. I would not be surprised if they sued the estate.If they are telling the truth then their parents basically sold those boys. Who became men who kept taking? Like I said too many possible scenarios

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I’ve seen this play out on more than one occasion. Basically you have a poor family, often with a lot of kids but not always. The rich usually, weird fella, befriends them by providing them with money, “stuff”, or prestige. That provision gives the weird rich guy a position of power with the family. Once they become “dependent” the weird rich guy can then begin to forward his agenda. The dependent family likes him, trusts him and needs him. Because of that even if his agenda is harmful, oppressive or abusive the dependent family will often trade out their personal freedoms and safety for what he’s providing. He may also threaten them if they try to resist. If he is abusive for instance he may point out that the parents are also guilty because they allowed it etc. Sometimes the weird guy wants nothing more than to be with people who can’t make fun of him or reject him. Sometimes it’s a lot worse.

        Liked by 3 people

      3. I will. look that up. I don’t generally watch things like that because it brings up memories best left alone. 🙂 I’ve seen it replay so many times in my life, though. Right off the top of my head, I can think of at least four incidents where it affected kids in my children’s peer group. It’s sick, but, it’s also a pattern that’s easily spotted and it’s not just men, women can also “purchase a family”. My kids were not for sale. I avoided letting anyone do “too much” for them and always let people know that we had family rules in place that were to be followed with my kids.. Were all those who wanted to help my kids, pedophiles? Surely not, there are many nice people out there who are generous and loving toward children. However, having grown up streetwise, I also was practical enough to realize that some people are monsters. Unfortunately such people don’t wear labels on their foreheads. Parents must use common sense, arm their children, and watch for signs in adults.

        Liked by 3 people

  22. It is disturbing but we can’t know for sure. Sounds like a classic example of a profile buying families in order to gain unfettered access to kids but could just as easily be simply a case of a sort of weird guy who loved to help families. Add to that the probability that Michael Jacksons own childhood was abusive and you have a real mess.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yup!

      I know you meant pedophile and not “profile” a you stated above.

      Safechuck’s mother also admitted in the interview that Jackson gave her and her husband a very low interest loan to buy a house. They were paying off the loan when Jackson in 1993 told them they no longer had to repay him after Safechuck had given sworn testimony in the form of Affidavit defending Jackson against the charges Jordan Chandler’s father had brought against him. She calls it a coincidence. (Long exasperated sigh while shaking my head). Yes, she seriously said that.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. I haven’t seen the documentary. I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t think he’s innocent but I think that bringing up accusations against someone no longer here to defend himself or be charged is unacceptable.
    This is just another example of trial by media – where does it stop? Assumption of guilt without due process is a witch hunt.
    Like I said, I don’t think he’s innocent but I don’t know – and now we never will.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. I just really hate it when people wait until someone is dead to make accusations.
        They may very well be true and honestly, I’m inclined to believe it but everyone deserves the right to defend themselves so my attitude is accuse when they are alive or shut up!
        Mean aren’t I?!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I don’t think you’re mean at all. I agree with you – They should have taken it to the grave with them, like they claim they intended to because it’s wholly unreasonable to come out with guns blazing at a man who will never be able to defend himself.

        Liked by 1 person

  24. Now what about the dude who committed suicide when he finally admitted he was forced to lie about MJ by his father?

    Why didnt the director ask the other potential victims for interview time?, it’s more believable when you have a larger sample size.

    I won’t watch it, just like I won’t watch the R. Kelly doc either. It’s too much on repeat. MJ isn’t here to defend himself, but maybe these two felt they would be heard since he’s gone. He was a strange and talented individual who grew up in a sheltered family but at the same time thrust in the limelight. So, who’s to say?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wait, Scheezade! Who committed suicide? I know Jordan Chandler’s father committed suicide 5 months after Michael Jackson died but I had no idea one of the alleged victims had committed suicide after admitting that his father forced him to lie? Who was that exactly?

      Reed, the Director, is hella shady with not interviewing more of Jackson’s young “friends”, there were so many of them that spent countless weekends at Neverland. Why only focus on Safechuck and Robson?

      I hear ya, about not wanting to watch the documentary. If you do you might never ever let those 2 boys of yours out of your sight. It is quite disturbing, to say the least. The gloom I have felt since watching is unshakable. I can’t stop thinking about it. 😕

      R. Kelly? Needless, to say I watched that one too. (((Sigh!!!!)))

      Liked by 2 people

  25. Even before this documentary came out I have always wondered this about Mj. And earlier this year they were playing “pretty young thing- PYT” on the radio s lot and I wondered if it was about pretty young kids – ugh.

    And we do know that MJ was troubled and had mental ilnness and then cooed with sedation – so I believe the allegations – esp as the two men coming forward have their reputation to lose –
    Further – when you look at the way victims behave – there are times when they lie and defend the predator – there is a lot of survival Mode and distorted thinking that occurs – and people deny or freeze and believe their own lie.
    And to pay 23 mill to close a case says a lot

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The trend of allegations over the years is what bothers me the most, one right after another. Ultra disturbing!

      Thankfully, I have never been a victim of sexual abuse and I have never studied the psyche of the victims, so the lying and defending of the predator is foreign to me and hard to grapple with.

      There are so many unanswered questions, like the fact that Robson wanted to work with the Jackson estate to be Director of Choreography on Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson production “One”, after Jackson died. Why wouldn’t you want to stay away from any and all association with the person you alleged sexually abused you? So many unanswered questions, too many.

      Thank you for your commentary.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well thank you for the reply and this good post. I like how you wrote about it and your little questions – like can we separate the art from the artist

        And how do you feel about that? I need to read some more of the comments here because I still jam to some MJ songs when they come on – like Beat it – omg – with Eddie van halen – or other ones of his – but cannot listen to PYT anymore.

        And getting back to the victim’s behavior – let’s just say that people get “funked” up and so in addition tot he denial – there is also a very strong personal bond – there is attachment, familiarity, and then the person is part of one’s life. And so the confusion in the victim is different for each one. Abuse- whether sexual or psychological or other – catches a person off guard and gets even worse if it happens as a child.
        And so the best way I view it as a state of confusion and then society does not make it easier when it is a celeb involved –
        Oh and then often Victims feel Guilty (and in your post you noted that one of the guys said that MJ made him feel as if he did it)

        So much to ponder and I plan on watching the doc later this spring

        Liked by 3 people

      2. I am prepared to separate the man from his art. I enjoy his music too much to just stop listening. His songs uplift me and make me wanna dance and dancing makes me feel good. So there’s that.

        The way you explained the victims’ conduct is exactly how Oprah explained it when she interviewed both Safechuck and Robson, and as we all know Winfrey was a victim of childhood sexual abuse herself for many years.

        Yes, a lot to ponder. When you do watch the documentary, make sure to catch the Oprah interview as well. It’s quite interesting.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. I will be sure to catch the Oprah interview too – and I will try and come back here and let you know!
        And even tho Oprah is a household name – we do not all know her story (stories) and I never watched her show but she was so popular (and is) and so of course we know tidbits – and I knew a little bit of the abuse but did not it was for “years”

        And I am a psychologist – my focus area is more on work and career issues – and research/academia – but I have a few years of counseling in my background and the biggest thing that is crazy about abuse is how people handle it so differently –
        What is very traumatic to one person is not as big a deal to another –
        Or of course there are the delays – as seen in the metoo movement – where we wonder why someone speaks up 20 years later.
        Well at times it is confusion and their “normal” and they often don’t see the seriousness or feel the bad side for years –
        Well thanks again for a great conversating post! May we all learn more and more

        Liked by 3 people

      4. My instincts told me that either you were a Psychologist or a Guidance Counselor based on your prior response. *See what I did there? The use of the word “prior”, which is also your WordPress handle.* 🙂

        Yes, I would appreciate your feedback after watching the documentary and the interview. Would love to hear your thoughts. If you’re unable to find this post when the time comes feel free to email me at rakkellewrites@gmail.com.

        Thanks again for your input.

        Liked by 1 person

  26. Very well written post! I haven’t watched the docu and probably won’t. My very limited tv time is for fun stuff only, and that definitely wouldn’t be fun. I was never a huge MJ fan, but I enjoyed some of his songs and still do. I don’t know what to believe about the accusations, but as you say… he’s not here to defend himself. Those men were given huge amounts of money to say the opposite thing. I can’t really trust them either way now that their stories have changed. I’m comfortable not having an opinion.

    Liked by 4 people

  27. I think something was going on in Neverland. But who knows the truth as Michael Jackson is dead and can not speak for himself. I agree the timing is strange indeed. I also agree who would leave their kids with a grown man for days and weeks. We know his music which is phenomenal to say the least. I think going after dead celebrates is wrong. Let him rest in peace unless there is photo evidence or a camera with film to prove any molestation of kids by him. Just saying what is on my mind in this regard.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, only video evidence should be accepted at this point. Not even pictures since those can be photoshopped but actual video recorded evidence but alas we will never know since “dead men tell no tale”.

      Liked by 3 people

  28. I was a Huge fan of Bill Cosby , or his work I guess I should say. I grew up watching Fat Albert and the The Cosby Show. I was aghast at the allegations against him and still find it hard to believe. The scary thing is anyone can accuse anyone and we really don’t know the truth but they are tried and sentenced in the media .

    Liked by 3 people

  29. 🤔 Whatever that is hidden in the dark will eventually come to light.

    Now, I am not going to say whether or not Michael Jackson is guilty of those crimes (I am doing my best to avoid any legal ramifications).

    However, I will state, that people are way too trusting of celebrities.

    In regards to the moral characters of celebrities, there are good ones as well as bad ones out there.

    Also, it is insane for a parent to allow their child to sleep over at a celebrity’s house (Unless the celebrity happens to be a family member or a relative).

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Both Safechuck and Robson now have strained relationships with their mothers because of this. Safechuck doesn’t even talk to his Mom at all and Robson commented that he is working on “rebuilding” a relationship with his Mom.

      It’s a parent’s responsibility to protect their child. It was too easy for Jackson to have access to these impressionable boys. I think the parents were swayed by fame and fortune or just the fact that they were in the presence of a Megastar.

      Liked by 2 people

  30. I didn’t even know about this movie! You may not believe this but I stopped listening to his music, as in changing the station if his songs come on, a while back, because I just feel it’s wrong to give a criminal/pedophile any kind of adoration. I do believe it is true and I can’t really say why I believe it, but I think he was probably sexually abused as a child himself and it carried on with him. His own father was described as quite a terrible person. Janet and LaToya seem very disturbed as well. It’s sad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate your opinion, Paula. If you feel the allegations are true then of course I can totally understand you no longer getting down to his music.

      As for me, I wasn’t there and I can’t say if the allegations are true or not. Deep down I’m very disturbed by them and I can’t get the documentary out of my head despite watching it days ago and that’s unlike me. That’s why I decided to blog about it. I wanted to highlight the discrepancies and get a general idea of how people felt about it.

      Good God, the entire thing is truly appalling.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I know Racquel, you said you don’t know what to believe of Michael Jackson anymore. I am not a real fan of the guy but I love some of his songs.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yep, that’s it. I don’t know what to think. Don’t know whether or not he is guilty or innocent these disturbing allegations but I love his music and will continue to listen to his songs.


      3. Intrigued by this post and all of the following comments. I agree with what many of your readers have said: protecting your kids, trust of celebrities, etc. I first encountered MJ’s music ten years ago when my calculus teacher introduced our class to his music which prompted a discussion of these allegations. Just a few days ago, I posted a quote about creativity by MJ who mentioned that the magic and wonder of children will heal the world.

        I think there are many different angles to look at and so many questions that will never be answered. MJ’s work is original, energetic, and has inspired millions of people. Many artists have suffered from a host of ailments which affect their actions. There is so much literature out there as to how victims of sexual abuse respond. So many factors come into play which will affect the outcome. Overall, thank you for this eye opening post. I learned so much.

        Liked by 1 person

  31. Alls I’m saying is this. Who in their right mind would allow their child to spends hours, days and weeks alone with anyone that wasn’t family? Heck, I don’t even leave my kids with babysitters. The only baby sitters we have are good ole grandparents.

    I haven’t seen the documentary, again, the timing seems rather convenient.

    It’s always the same story, everyone is standing around saying “how could this have happened”?

    Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t. But perhaps just acknowledge, you probably know the neighbor you never talk to than any celebrity.

    These people wear makeup and have handlers. We only get a minuscule glimpse into who they really are. We don’t know any of these people, yet we still pick sides.

    Jackson ain’t around to defend himself and if anyone wants to finally tell the truth, they don’t need a camera to do so.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. I was actually going to go into the entire issue of the parents leaving their very young children with Jackson, since they were also interviewed but I didn’t want to make my Blog post too long. There are so many different issues flowing from these allegations, so many angles to take and examine.

      Personally, I think the parents were wowed by the fame and fortune of a Megastar. I mean, this is Michael Jackson we are talking.

      Why do you say the timing is convenient?

      People who are die-hard fans seem to forget they don’t really know the man just his music. They advocate his innocence but what do we really know?

      Agreed, about the lack of need for a camera in order to tell the truth.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I guess with all the metoo stuff going on, between Cosby, r kelly and all of the others as of late. That’s what I mean with the timing seeming rather convenient.

        With the atmosphere around metoo, I think that people would rather pay out than have their names in print associated with sexual criminality.

        Maybe it is convenient and maybe it isn’t.

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