Why Is Everyone So Sensitive

Why is everyone so sensitive these days??? Why is everyone taking everything so seriously??? Can we lighten up a bit, please?

Last week I learned that one of my favorite Christmas songs will not make it to the airwaves this Christmas because the lyrics are too “suggestive”. Say what?!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside is a classic tune usually played around Christmastime that gives me a delightful, warm, fuzzy feeling whenever it comes on the radio, it is way better listening pleasure than Jingle Bells. It’s catchy and it’s fun, and it is one of my faves along with Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby. Now in light of the #metoo movement, it is being said that the song connotes a hidden agenda of sexual harassment and as such should no longer be played on the radio. Say what?!

Are the powers that be for real with this nonsense? This song was first recorded all the way back in 1944, even before my mother was born, for the movie, Neptune’s Daughter. Over the years it has grown in popularity and has been recorded and covered by several contemporary popular artists including Rod Stewart, Dolly Parton, Michael Buble, Norah Jones, and even Lady Gaga. So why all of a sudden it is not fit for the airwaves and will lead to the promotion of “date rape culture”? Say what now?! I can’t, I just can’t.

Who are the ones making these decisions? The gist of the song, which is usually recorded by a male and female duo, has the female singer, who is in the company of the male singer saying she needs to leave, she has to get home but each time she says she has to go the male singer interrupts her by reminding her that she should stay because “it’s really cold outside”. That’s it! That is the general gist of the song, no mention of sex, no mention of let’s go to into the bedroom and do the nasty. Just a guy enjoying the company of a female companion and he does not want her to leave.

Such a delightful and catchy tune and now it’s forbidden because as a society we have gotten just a bit too sensitive and everything has to be misconstrued and misinterpreted and taken to the ith power.

Here’s the link to the original scene where the song was first recorded for a movie, very cute and fun to watch https://youtu.be/7MFJ7ie_yGU.

In conversation with my husband tonight he told me of a co-worker who recently found out that his children’s elementary school will no longer be having a Halloween party, this year’s party was the last because it caused an uproar among a few parents (just a few) who are offended by the concept of Halloween and the fact that a party is being “forced down their throats”. Here is my solution to that – You don’t like it keep your kids at home on the day of…Like really; why is everyone so offended by every little thing these days?!

I get it, not everything is for everyone and if for some reason you’re not into whatever then stay away. Don’t spoil everybody else’s fun, just keep your mouth shut and stay away. Don’t petition the Board of Ed by inundating them with your selfish letters to the point where now there has been a ruling that there will be no more Halloween parties.

Thankfully those parents were not a part of my elementary school when my kid was much younger because they would be getting a hell of a fight from me if they tried that nonsense. It’s not even that I’m a huge fan of Halloween, I grew up in Jamaica, my childhood was Halloween free, but on a matter of principle alone I would jump to oppose those that feel the need to spoil everybody else’s fun. How about you go somewhere quiet and practice removing that stick from your you know where?

There are certain things, words, and terminologies that are downright derogatory and are generally offensive; and the use of such words and promotion of such things are inexcusable. However, songs that have been around and has been playing on the radio for decades are not offensive, neither is a Halloween party for grammar school students.

Everyone is so offended by everything these days, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. What about the concept of “live and let live” and “to each his own”. Why should everyone else suffer because you get butthurt about everything?

Toughen up, people! Not everyone is on the attack not everything is meant to hurt your pretty little feelings. Enough already! Enough!





94 thoughts on “Why Is Everyone So Sensitive

      1. You stated — “I care because the changes allowed by people’s sensitivity affects me.”

        My response — I think I can now answer your question.

        I think they are sensitive because the songs allowed by dispassionate people affects them.


      2. So because I like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” I am dispassionate? The song is older than the hills and was never considered offensive before. Why now?


      3. You stated — “So because I like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” I am dispassionate?”

        My response — I doubt it.

        You asked — “The song is older than the hills and was never considered offensive before. Why now?”

        My response — Because people say it is.

        Some people are upset that it is being played. Some people are upset that people don’t want it played.

        To simply answer your question. “Why is everyone so sensitive these days???”

        Because like you, they care.

        It doesn’t make them problem children just like it doesn’t make you dispassionate.

        The problem of it can be solved two ways.
        1) Stop caring (like me) “Who cares”.
        2) Compromise. You stop listening to stations that remove it and they stop listening to stations that play it.

        Just a thought, please try to not be to sensitive to my response. 😉

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  1. Little late commenting here but yeah! Totally agree. I’m a feminist and not only do I love that song but I also love romcoms and romance novels! It’s fantasy and fun! Also, I’m Jewish yet I enjoy Christmas ~ trees, lights, cookies, eggnog, music, all good! 🎄🎶💕

    People definitely should lighten up! 😀

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  2. Because the world is full of people that want to tend to other people’s business. “If I don’t want it or like it, you shouldn’t either…because I said so…because I have moral superiority…because I am smarter than you…blah…blah…blah…”
    Eh. Shut up. You’re offended? I’m offended that you’re offended. Bite me.

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  3. You’re right – it is pathetic and stupid all the ‘we need to get rid of it because’ it’s ‘sexist’, ‘racist,’ etc., etc. Did you know that they are calling “The Little Mermaid”, “Lady and the Tramp”, and some other perfectly decent Disney movies ‘racist’?

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      1. They say that “Lady and the Tramp” is ‘racist’ because of the Siamese cats.
        “The Little Mermaid” is labeled ‘racist’ because Ariel tries to change herself for a man, and because of the crab/lobster/whatever-it-was being an overdone Jamaican or something.
        It gives me a headache just reading about it.

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      2. That doesn’t even make any sense to me.🙄

        I would think feminists would have a problem with Ariel changing for a man. Oh the horrors! 😱

        Ah boy! It’s always something!😠

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  4. You nailed it on the head sho nuff,they did to be tripping about a certain jive turkey in DC about to be impeached and all the folks associated with him copping pleas as soon as you turn around. I remember when Rick James, prince, Millie Jackson,too short, Snoop,Dr Dre, ghetto boys,r.kelly,etc considered taboo,this mess nowadays makes me laugh,you on point soul sister, ☮️

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  5. Hey, I finally found it. LOL either WordPress Glitch or My own Mental Glitch, we can blame WordPress, right? We have worked so hard fighting for freedom of expression in music and movies etc. I hate to see us going backwards again.

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  6. And have you heard about Santa? “They” want to make him female or gender neutral! SAY WHAT?!?!? Do they not know that Santa was a real man who was later turned into a Saint? He was a lovely man that brought gifts to children. Why do we need to make him into a woman? Or NEUTRAL? It is history. You can’t change the gender of someone who actually existed just because your feelings are hurt. That is not REAL life. But sadly, this is what our society is turning into to.

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    1. YOU’RE KIDDING????!!!!

      I did not hear about Santa. Even if Santa isn’t real, history is history and Santa is a dude (not a dudette) 😀.

      These people are unfreakinreal….How can Santa even be gender neutral. I CAN’T! I JUST CAN’T!!!

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    2. Agreed. It’s getting to the extreme. Everything can’t be changed to fit and suit and be inclusive to everyone. So long as it isn’t derogatory or outright exclusionary (and just because something doesn’t fit into your world doesn’t make it exclusionary), let it be. Geez! Just keep it moving and go on about your day.

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  7. This is ‘PC’ at its most ignorant. BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE was composed in 1948, back in the days of OZZIE & HARRIET on radio (even before they were on TV). Songs don’t get much more innocent than those written in the 40s!

    I have this song on an old 78 rpm record from that period, sung by Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting (a big hit at the time). If interested, here it is:

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    1. 😂😂😂 Right, Deb!

      Sure by all means go ahead and share on your Facebook page. When you do share please send a link to my blog so if people like what they read they can start following me.

      Thank you so much.

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  8. On the verge of political correctness and freedom of expression/speech, how far is too far? We have become a society of overly sensitive and offended creatures. I agree, things that use to be common place like Christmas songs (I am going to say CHRISTMAS, not HOLIDAYS), the easily offended need to grow a pair! The Offended Police have literally taken the most innocent, simple and enjoyable and turned it into a self serving cause. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a great song, but has been reduced to being considered “rapey” and “inappropriate” but for whom? And I agree with Suzy, it’s time we LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! It’s a freaking song! Don’t try to find something in it’s lyrics that isn’t there, okay my rant is officially over.

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    1. And your rant is fully appreciated. I couldn’t agree with you more. Not to take anything away from the #metoo movement, which is justifiable, but get a grip people this song is a delightful classic.

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  9. You know I totally agree, the world is going mad! In days gone by, the times of Cary Grant & Doris Day, nobody got their knickers in a twist over such pathetic stuff! Over here in the UK political correctness, as they call it, is beyond belief, your coffee must be with milk, not WHITE, or without milk, not BLACK. Some cities have banned Christmas trees in case it offends certain religions etc etc.. the list is endless. Lets just get back to how things were in the old days! live and let live!

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    1. The World has undoubtedly gone mad with all the political correctness. Don’t say this don’t say that….It’s a wonder we are even afforded the opportunity to think for ourselves….Traditions flushed down the drain because everyone is so darn sensitive!

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  10. Racquel I agree with you 100%. People are taking things too far and it’s downright out of control. We are becoming a society that wants to control every little thing that appears offensive to some. I was shocked when I heard this classic song is no longer going to be played by radio stations. Give me a break! The majority of listeners don’t agree with this, so we should all call in and complain that it should remain on the air. I bet you it will change the minds of Executives at these radio stations if we voiced our opinions on this matter. We shouldn’t accept these things because a few people who have nothing else to do, but complain about things that have been traditionally done and are not offensive to the majority of people out there.

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    1. I agree, wholeheartedly!

      I can’t even understand how the decision to ban such a delightful song was made without first consulting “the listeners.” Now I have to resort to paying for it from iTunes in order to upload it unto my iPod so I can listen at will….Sheer stupidity!!!!!


  11. While I understand some of the outrage, it has gone completely overboard of late. But of course we are also the society that gives our children a trophy every time they play a sport, whether they win or lose. Kind of defeats the purpose of competition don’t you think?

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    1. Absolutely!!!!

      George Carlin said it best – I am sure you’re familiar with his work so I don’t need to add the expletive details on how he feels about rewarding everyone trophies…Sheesh!!! Why the need to please everyone?

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  12. I so agree with you! Same thing happening here in the Nordics. Traditions removed. Why? I don’t get how people even reach conclusions that some things are offensive? All of this just brings more negativity. Schools remove songs and traditions that have been around for years. I think it’s a shame… 😕😌

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  13. Careful , this is almost political! 😉 Seriously, though, I’m happy to see you noticing this trend that has been going on for about ??? years. It’s total insanity! And very deliberate. Keep the people in an uproar over stupid crap and they won’t notice what’s really happening around them.

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    1. 😂😂😂😂😂 Almost but not quite.

      It really isn’t meant to be political. It’s really just a personal opinion piece. Really a rant on my part.

      When I learned about the song last week I was pissed off but not enough to write a post, what set me off was the Halloween party…Like, for real?! Too much now…Way too much.

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      1. That’s just it, PK, there are things to actually be outraged about. Real issues! Therein lies the problem, however, since one is getting outraged about everything then it undermines the real issues, the ones worthy of outrage.


      1. I asked because a few Bloggers have announced their departure for the remainder of the year in order to focus on festivities and family. Glad you’ll still be around stepping on toes and making the sensitive cry (that’s a joke, btw). 😂😂😂

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